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They bought a house on the countryside and lived in peace for a short while. Hope and Matthew were truly in love and they thought nothing could touch them now. At least they thought so until the nightmares returned.
"Matthew, why won't you just give up," the demon taunted, "No one can save you and you know its true. The minute you discarded that cross was the minute you broke away your protection. You let me join with you, you let darkness into your heart. The only thing keeping you from losing your soul is that wretched girl and soon she will be destroyed. Can you handle that Matthew? She'll die because of you, just like your dear brother." The demon smiled again.
"No! I'm not going to listen to you this time! Adam didn't kill himself because of me! He would never have done that! I see that now." Matthew tugged at his chains. He was in a dim room, chained to a cold floor. The only light was a lantern that glowed red in the demon's grasp.
"Oh? How do you not know that I killed him to weaken you and make it look like a suicide or plant ideas into his head for him to shoot himself?" Matthew refused to listen.
"Absolutely  not! Adam was a pure soul, you couldn't have reached him! You're not even real! You're just some part of my  or  cruel imagination eternal punishment, I must have died and gone to Hell or something. None of this is real!" Matthew screamed and screamed until the demon started fading.  
"No, you humans make your own Hell…"

He woke up in their bed, breathless. More nightmares. He knew they weren't just simply nightmares though, they were warnings, a demon really was trying to over power him; It was too real to deny. He woke Hope and told her everything about the dream, she had to know if she was in danger too. When he was finished her face was pale. Matthew filled with dread.
"Its all real isn't it Hope?" she nodded grimly. She sighed, just when everything was perfect this had to come back.
"Matthew, this is bad, really bad. How long have you been having these nightmares?"
"Since Adam d-died," he stammered, not wanting to say suicide again, it got more difficult each time.
"Oh," Hope frowned. It was worse than she thought. She knew about the demon, she just didn't think it was already so strong.
"Hope how do you know so much about this sort of stuff anyway," Matthew asked her expectantly. She shook her head.
"Never mind that, just go back to sleep but first do whatever you can to make you feel stronger, that should help. She rolled back over and pulled the blanket above her head. Matthew was a little annoyed that she ignored his question but he followed her advice and reread his brother's poem before he went to sleep. He had no other nightmares that night. All he could remember was the darkness…
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