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There must be a balance
Don't be overcome
You are more powerful than I
My cowardice stops the drum

Conflicted by every thought
The truth wants to play
You must seek while it hides
It is worth the wait

Don't live in the shadows
Let the light into your heart
We will meet again
So admire the true beauty of life's art

                                        -Don't be so blind.
                                                  Open your eyes.

Matthew stopped, "I miss you Adam, thank you, I understand it now," He prayed to his brother silently. He fingered the cross around his neck, it was cold and useless, he felt like an idiot for finding comfort in it. He tore the chain from around his neck and threw it out of his sight. He took off running back to the house where he had left Hope. It had been days since he left her there but it was his only chance. It took two days to reach the old farmhouse again. He stormed in to it, only to find an empty building. She had left, he shouldn't have expected anything else.
He cursed loudly and slammed his fists against the wall. Why did he have to be such a jerk? He was so angry with himself he didn't notice the sound of footsteps behind him. Hope put a hand on his shoulder.
"I thought you left," she said quietly. He turned to her then relief and regret flashed across his face.
"Hope I'm so sorry!, I should never have abandoned you! I feel like such a horrible person, I left you here to die. I knew you couldn't hunt with your ankle. Will you ever forgive me?" Hope nodded and kissed sweetly.
"It's okay, I knew you'd come back, and I stole you're food rations before you left, I wasn't going to starve, I'm just happy you're back for good now. You are back for good right," she asked cautiously.  Matthew nodded graciously and wrapped his arms around her.
"Let's get out of here, buy a proper house, and try to make a happily ever after," Hope suggested.
Matthew laughed, "You know those don't really happen." Hope shook her head and grinned back at him.
"Why don't we make it happen then?" He kissed her on the forehead and laughed.
"As long as you're up for it, I'm ready to take on anything. I love you Hope," he whispered into her ear.
"Yeah, I love you too."
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